We are blessed to be able to support several missionaries and ministries through our faith promise missions program. We believe that missions is the “heartbeat” of the local church.  Every New Testament church should have a burden to reach people in their area, as well as taking the Gospel to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”  Currently we support seventeen different missionaries representing fifteen different mission fields, including the military and two “creative access” countries where traditional missionaries aren’t welcome, as well as one ministry organization.  Below are some of the ministries we support.

Name: Douglas & Elly Cooper Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Description: The Coopers have been missionaries to Guyana, South America since 1993, where they planted 2 churches and proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Matters of health brought them home in October 2009. In January of 2010 they began serving as administrators in the home office of their mission board in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They also serve with TFT’s global medical evangelism ministry, truthfortodaymedicalmissions.org, under the direction of Dr. Greg Waller. God has blessed this ministry since it began in 2012. Tens of thousands hear the gospel, local churches are established or are strengthened around the world through this ministry and thousands have come to Christ.
Mission Board: Truth for Today Baptist Missions Email: [email protected]


Name: Curtis & Debra Couch Location: Chile
Description: The Couches serve as missionaries to Chile.  Bro. Couch currently serves as pastor of Iglesia Bautista Puerta Abierta in Chile. Please pray for them as we share the Gospel of Christ with the people of Chile.
Mission Board: Macedonia World Baptist Missions Email: [email protected]


Name: Ronald & Tennille Downey Location: Wales
The Downey family serves in Wales.  They minister to existing baptist chapels that are struggling to stay open. Bro. Downey pastors Bethania Baptist Chapel. Before they came, this church only met a few times a month for regular church services – no Sunday school, no bible study, no prayer ministry. They now have all three going at full force. Their scripture verse for their ministry is Revelation 3:2 – “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.”
Mission Board: Maranatha  


Name: Fellowship Tract League Location: Lebanon, OH
Description: The Bible gives every Christian the responsibility to take the Gospel to the whole world. God has ordained the local church to carry out His Great Commission.  The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. They believe the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Their purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God’s people all around the world to fulfill His command.  Pastor Bruce DeLange was a Missionary Representative for the Fellowship Tract League for 7 years before becoming the Pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church in June 2007. The Fellowship Tract League is directed by Brother Bill Burrows, who is the Assistant Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. Both of these men strive to serve the Lord faithfully in reaching lost souls here and around the world.
Website: www.fellowshiptractleague.org  


Name: Footprints Christian Academy Location: Greenville, SC
Description: At the request of many concerned parents, Bethel Christian Academy began in 2006 with a vision of training students in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and providing excellence in a Bible-based education.  Bethel Christian Academy became Footprints Christian Academy and exists to teach children Christ-like character that is scripturally disciplined; to love God; to serve others; and to proclaim Christ. They believe the best education teaches both academic excellence and Christian values. Therefore, they place much emphasis on high-quality academics with sound moral and spiritual values based on God’s Word. Their teachers are dedicated to each student’s total well-being and they are very skillful in handling God’s Word to mold and shape the character and life of each student.


Name: Robert & Adrith Hearon Location: US Military
Bob Hearon serves as military chaplain with the United States Army.  He has served several tours in Afghanistan and is currently there on his third deployment.  Please pray for him and the troops as he shares the Gospel with them.  And pray for  his safety as he serves our country around the world.


Name: Jason & Lori Holt Location: Chile
Jason and Lori Holt are missionaries working in Santiago, Chile planting churches, establishing a Bible institute, training men and women, and much more. They are currently raising funds in order to buy more land to build churches all around Chile. Jason and Lori have 3 children–Katie, Josh, and Andrew.
Mission Board: Vision Baptist Missions Website: http://biblicalmissions.com


Name: Bob & Joyce Landis Location: MTT Ministries
Description:  When Bob and Joyce Landis were working as youth directors in their local church they quickly saw the importance of training young people to serve the Lord. It became evident that they had to show them, not just tell them, how to serve. So they began training their youth group and taking them on short-term mission trips. Soon families from other areas began asking whether their teens could travel with them as well. As a result, Make a Timothy Today Ministries (MTT) was born. MTT has ministered in 15 different countries around the world and now takes out as many as six teams a year. MTT is an avenue for young people to seek God’s will or just to make a difference somewhere in the world.
Mission Board: MTT Ministries Email: [email protected]
Name: MTT Ministries Location: Greenville, SC
Description:  Make a Timothy Today (MTT) ministries exist to help independent, fundamental, Bible-believing churches produce Christ-centered young people with a servant’s heart.  Their theme is “Molding the next generation for Christ.”  They work to give college and high school students an opportunity to serve the Lord through short-term mission trips around the world. They believe that a mission trip can be a life-changing experience for the Christian young person.  They training every team before each trip because they believe that every Christian should be “prepared unto every good work.” (II Tim.2:21) The training is important so that the team is a help and not a burden or hindrance on the mission field. The training also provides fertile ground in which to grow spiritual fruit that can remain in the lives of each team member.
Website:  www.mttministries.org  


Name: Brian & Jessica Lawson Location: Brazil
The Lawson family serves in Brazil.  A “saved” man once told Bro. Lawson that he thought having six children and going to the mission field would be a burden to the Lord. His comments made it sound impossible for their family to get to the mission field. The Lord had other plans.  The Lord has worked graciously in their lives and they now have a web site to inform the world about what God is doing in missions.  They appreciate your prayers and support as they endeavor to reach Brazil with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Mission Board:  Baptist International Missions, Inc.  


Name: Jonathan & Michelle McPeters Location: Wales
Description: The McPeters family serves in Wales, UK where they conduct bible studies and are working with local ministries to plant a church.  They are on their first term in Wales.
Mission Board:  Biblical Ministries Worldwide Website: www.whywales.org
 Name:  Luther & Sandra Quintana  Location: Arizona
 Description: The Quintanas serve in Arizona.
 Mission Board: Macedonia World Baptist Missions  Email:[email protected]


Name: Jim & Autumn Roberts Location:  India
The Roberts family, Jim, Autumn, Elijah and Ali Grace, are church planters going to the country of India. We are currently on deputation and are excited that God allows us to serve Him. We are also looking forward to what God is going to do in India.
Mission Board:  Macedonia World Baptist Missions Email:[email protected]


Name:  Robert & Kathy Smith Location: Brazil
Description: Robbie & Cathy Smith have been involved in missions since 1978 when Robbie surrendered to go anywhere the Lord needed workers. After working in Brazil for over 29 years, the Lord has changed the direction of the ministry. Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to send laborers into HIS harvest.  Please take a few minutes and see what the Lord has allowed us to be a part of. We count it an honor and a priviledge to be Ambassadors for Christ.
Mission Board: Macedonia World Baptist Missions Website:  www.robertsmithfamily.org